Paraphrase Group 4


Anne Sexton- Her Kind–> Paraphrase

I have gone out, driven by madness, all alone, at night. With bad intentions I’ve had a good time, visiting many houses, drawn to multiple windows. I always feel it is a lonely deed but with many men and lots of hands, we all know a woman like that is not lady-like, but I have done that before.

I’ve secluded myself away from the normal city limits, and made a home for myself by filling it up goods. I’ve made dinner for the other outcasts that were forced to leave and thus they complain, I have accepted my leaving, and we’ve become fast friends. A woman like this no one understands, but I have become her.

I’ve travelled around a lot, and spread myself to different communities, I’ve been around a few times, and know my place well. I’ve been hurt both physically and emotionally, but still I am not afraid or embarrassed to die, I am that woman.


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  1. I feel that I did not understand this poem when I went over this at home. But I think this paraphrase really helped! From reading this, I can see that this woman is an outcast and joins with others who understand her, who are like her. This woman has gone through a lot from certain events and has been hurt but has become stronger because of them. She has transformed from the outcast-ed woman to an independent, fearless woman.

  2. I really liked your groups interpretation of this poem, it is definitely different than what i had originally taken from the poem. If I am not mistaken, your group understood the speaker as a prostitute? I can see that. We seem to agree that the speaker is a total outcast, but she seems to not have any interest in conforming and is content with who he is. When first reading the line “lonely thing, twelve-fingered, out of mind”, I thought that it meant that the speaker was mentally ill and she was an outcast (“lonely”) and that make her a social reject.

  3. I feel as if the 1st stanza has some hints of former prostitution. Then, in an effort to leave her dark past she decides to live in seclusion. Lastly, she admits of being abused throughout her life with lines such as “where your flames still bite my thighs”.

  4. I like this poem a lot. There aren’t many “places” for women to be understood in global society. By places I mean a conceptual domain. For the most part women are expected to be poised, house makers, mothers, kind, and calm. Without this I can see why she might feel all alone. I liked the portion of your paraphrase that says ” I’ve been around a few times, and know my place well.”

    This poem speaks of the transitions that an individual may go through as he/she experience mental and physical growth. In addition to gained experiences and an understanding on one’s place and purpose in the world. Sexton says ” I have been her kind” as if each stage is a completion of a whole new woman and the start of the next.

    Nice work

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