The Heart – Jill Alexander Essbaum


The Heart

Four Simple Chambers.

A thousand Complicated Doors.

One of them is yours.

open door

The heart is one of the most complex and vital organs in our lives. Whether is beat for a person, a cause, or just for the sake of life, it is ever mighty in its position in our body. Jill Alexander Essbaum has done an amazing job grasping its entirety in this short couplet. To me this, this poem is saying that I have a million emotions in my heart, and I am a complicated human being, I may not even know how complicated I am, but with you in my life you are making me into a somewhat less complicated being. You hold the key to one of my door, it is all yours. You are a part of my heart, my heart is vital and thus, you are vital to my life. It is a love poem, it is explaining that despite her short comings, and confusion, that one person still has a door to her real feelings.

Despite being all meaningful, the poem also has figurative language. I cannot express how much teachers love figurative language, I remember all through high-school in my AP English classes, we would talk about the importance of similes, and metaphors, and personification, even juxtaposition. If figurative language is so important than critique of the classics will love this poem as well because well smack dab in the middle is a metaphor. Take it as you will but by comparing the chambers of her heart to a those complicated doors, it just shows that the pathway into her heart may be a journey and it may be complicated, but really the true her exists, and you my friend already have a way in.

It might seem like I am crazy, but I am a huge fan of these short and to the point poems. Not only are they the most powerful but they can have so many interpretations to them. They can be the perfect amount of something you need to here in order to make your own decisions, and that is why I love them.


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