Robert Frost – Desert Places



Desert Places by Robert Frost speaks of an author’s loneliness that he is seeing wherever he goes, even with a little bit of hope, he confides in his own personal sense of isolation. Through each stanza the story unfolds and we learn more of the absolute desertion that the author feels.

First Stanza: This first stanza talks about something happening fast, a fast blending, a rapid falling, a swift downfall into the dark loneliness. The first line illustrates this,

“Snow falling and night fallin fast, oh, fast…”

Frost finds a blend between the snow and the night, together the two obsoletes create a vast and empty space where the narrator finds himself to be in his life thus far. By saying,

“In a field a looked into going past,”

Frost is implying that despite being able to see that both the snow and the night are falling, the covering of the field resembles the covering of loneliness of his life. The weeds and stubble that he talks about in the last night, are the bits of hope that are still peaking out but in the long run, they will be covered soon. the narrator has entered a downward fall into this desolte place and even with a bit of hope, there is no coming back.

Second Stanza: To me, this stanza serves as the key to  a lock. It serves to show the reader that the narrator has accepted that they woods have or own the fields, and even something inanimate like the woods own, is something the narrator cannot own. This stanza alludes to the longing depression and sadness that narrator feels.

Third Stanza:

And lonely as it is that loneliness will be more lonely ere it will be less –“

This stanza uses three different variations of the word lonely, clearly by now if you haven’t picked it up Frost want’s you to know that this poem is a sad one. It is not of happy images but instead it is a desperate cry for help. Things will get worse before they have the chance to get better. As loneliness has covered the narrators life, he will not able to anything just like the falling snow, he is expressionless as expressed in the lines:

“A blanker whiteness of benighted snow

With no expression, nothing to express.”

Fourth Stanza: This stanza is my favortie because to me it is the narrator’s fight back to reality. He says,

“They cannot scare me with their empty spaces.”

While there are so many things that may keep him afraid the way he feels on the inside will fight off all of the external empty spaces.But his internal empty spaces now those are where the porblem lies. He is unable to fight off the way he feels on the inside as he expresses in the last two lines,

“I have it in me so much nearer home

To scare myself with my own desert places.”


This poem to me speaks of the the struggles one has within themselves and with the outside world. The difference is having the courage and determination to beat both the struggle on the outside and most importantly to overcome the struggle on the inside.


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